Photo---Bettina-DennisBettina Dennis, Esq.
Global Legal & Compliance
Seoul, South Korea
Georgia State University College of Law Graduate
Conference Alumna NBPLC 2014 and NDPLC 2014 and 2015

I came across the Diversity Pre-law Conference while doing research on pre-law resources. I put the idea of attending the conference on the back burner for a while because I was very apprehensive and frankly, very afraid about taking the leap and starting over to pursue a career in law. The thought of law school was extremely intimidating and I questioned whether my age and experience would be an issue or setback while attempting to navigate the unfamiliar legal world. However, once I attended the Diversity Pre-law Conference in DC, I was able to meet other prospective students like me, mid-career racially diverse women of various backgrounds and ages that were looking to make the transition into law. I learned valuable advice on the challenges of law school and available resources to make the transition possible. Attending the workshops and panels, the chance to network with judges, educators, practicing attorneys, law school advisors, and the encouragement from Director, Evangeline Mitchell, helped me to realize the vast opportunities a JD could provide. I realized my experience and age were actually assets that set me apart from crowd. With the doubts and apprehension aside, I realized law school was an attainable feat and most of all, that I was not alone.