The Mission of National Pre-Law Diversity Initiatives, Inc. is to provide diverse law school aspirants with access to inspiring, empowering and game-changing “insider” information, helpful resources, as well as critical networking connections and mentoring relationship opportunities that they otherwise would not receive to help them successfully navigate the challenging path to becoming a lawyer.  We want them to become more excellent, highly competitive and strategic students and professionals. Even more, we want to enc0urage them to be conscientious leaders and community servants who not only want to themselves become successful, but who are also committed to giving back to others, making a positive impact, and bettering our communities and our world.



Law school aspirants from diverse backgrounds nationwide will have the opportunity to learn what it really takes to become successful law school applicants, law students and law graduates – and by acting upon the information they receive, will therefore increase the numbers of diverse law students, law graduates and lawyers who want to make a difference.