1L_RalphCulpepper_0003Ralph Culpepper, Esq., M.S.Ed.
Federal Judicial Law Clerk
The Honorable J. Michelle Childs
U.S. District Courts
University of Pennsylvania Law School Graduate
Conference Alumnus NBPLC 2012 and NDPLC 2014

The National Black Pre-Law conference was such a transformational experience. The legal field is one of the least diverse professions in America, and learning about the foundational skills necessary to be successful in this field from successful Black and Latino attorneys was invaluable. The conference helped to open my eyes to the challenges I would face when applying to law school, during law school, and as a future attorney. The workshops on financial aid and scholarships helped me the most. Before the conference, I had very low expectations for myself and what I thought I could achieve as a law student. However, learning from men and women who look like me and who attended the country’s top law schools was inspiring. Now I am a rising 2L at Penn Law, one of the countries top law schools; before attending the conference, I had no idea that I could even end up at a place like that. I would recommend the conference to any student who is even thinking about law school.”